Education in the time of COVID19 – Introduction

‘Education in the time of COVID19’ is a free online course which aims to aid people in responding to the unexpected and far-reaching impacts of COVID19 on education.

People who join this group will work with Associate Professor Ahmar Mahboob, University of Sydney, and his team of researchers, tutors, and students, to collaboratively develop projects and material to support students, teachers, parents, and others as they respond to the closing down of schools and other educational institutions due to COVID19.

Participants will be trained to create material, resources, and activities that can be used by the participants and others who are affected by COVID19. In developing this material, we will pay special consideration to both the constraints and the opportunities of our contexts.

In socially/physically distanced education, students are distanced from their schoolmates, teachers, and the school environment/resources; however, they are closer to those who live with them, including parents, siblings, caregivers, others. This unique community embedded educational context opens up a number of new opportunities that are not usually available within ‘normal’ educational settings. In this course, we will explore some of these opportunities.

‘Education in the time of COVID19’ is a practical course, one in which participants will develop and engage in projects. It is designed with a diverse range of participants in mind, including students, teachers, parents, caregivers, administrators, researchers, educationists, others…

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