The mission of FLC Accreditation is to provide a global benchmark for language centers and to ensure that our accredited language centers provide the best possible teaching and administrative support to their students and staff.

FLC Accreditation uses a unique principle-based approach to accreditation. This approach is grounded in our understanding that language teaching contexts vary greatly around the world and that a single set of standards or criteria cannot recognize or reflect excellence in English language center management and teaching practices worldwide. Our approach is informed by TESOL International’s Principles-Based Approach for English Language Teaching Policies and Practices and includes a set of principles that all good language centers demonstrate, even if these are realized through different practices and policies.

The FLC Accreditation team is committed to working with language centers to ensure that they provide world-class educational and professional services to their students and staff. Instead of expecting language centers to meet and adhere to a pre-determined set of standards and criteria, our team works with language centers to identify ways in which they do or can meet the FLC Accreditation Principles. As such, our goal is not simply to evaluate and assess a language center, but to help it develop a vision and provide the best possible learning/teaching environment to their students and teachers. After all, our reputation builds on your clients’ satisfaction.

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