The Free Linguistics Conference was established in 2007 at the University of Sydney. The mission of the Free Linguistics Conference is to provide an accessible forum for people working in the area of language sciences to come together and share their diverse perspectives, practices and research.

Presentations and workshops at Free Linguistics Conference range across various subjects in language studies, including (but not limited to) language education, applied linguistics, and linguistics, breaking down borders between disciplines and sub-fields.

We endeavour to provide an accessible conference by avoiding staggering fees. So there are absolutely no fees to register, attend or present at the Free Linguistics Conference.

The Free Linguistics Conference also collaborates with other institutions. In January 2013, it co-sponsored the first conference on Language Sciences and the Developing World in collaboration with the Lahore College for Women University, Pakistan. One of the major outcomes of this conference was the Lahore Declaration on Language Sciences and the Developing World which, amongst other things, sets out an agenda for research on linguistics that focuses on developmental issues.The Lahore Declaration has been endorsed by TIRF as well as TESOL International.

The Free Linguistics Conference will continue to provide a quality annual international conference, which stays free of any registration fees, and collaborate with other organisations globally to serve the needs of the community and the discipline.

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