“Imagine if…” Drawing competition

Given the COVID restrictions around the world, many of us stay inside our homes for extended periods of time. The purpose of this drawing competition is to encourage people to imagine what they would like their outside world to look like when they look out of their windows or doors.

This competition is open to all – and it can work well as a school activity, where students receive recognition for their work.

On a piece of paper (no bigger than A4), draw, write, design something that responds to the following question:

What would you like to see when you look out of YOUR window or door?

Your submission should include a picture of what you currently see outside the window or door that you imagined in your artwork.

All submissions that meet the competition requirements will be awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Free Linguistics Conference.

If you plan to use this in your classes, please translate this prompt into local languages (feel free to edit the prompt as necessary).

LAST date for submission: November 1, 2021

Submit your “Imagine if…” artwork below… .

NOTE: This is the last activity that FLC is carrying out. For update on FLC, please visit our homepage.

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