Education in the time of COVID19 – Course schedule

Please note that all course material will be made available free-of-charge via online/social media and e-mail. Below, you will find a broad tentative outline of the course. Additional information for each Phase will be shared at appropriate times during the course.

The first live Zoom lecture (which will be recorded and available online) will be held on Wednesday, April 15, 4:00 pm Sydney time 

Phase 1 (Introduction): April 15 – May 5
In Phase 1, we will introduce you to the goals and objectives of this course. We will discuss the need for this course, the benefits of participating in it, as well as the tasks and requirements for this course. In addition, we will share examples of CREDIBLE projects and introduce you to broad Positive Discourse Analysis (PDA), a tool that we will use in developing our project material. During our discussions, we will focus on ‘fake news’ and how we can learn to identify it.

Phase 2 (Deconstruction): May 6 – May 26
In Phase 2, we will look at multiple examples of CREDIBLE projects. We learn how to identify and review CREDIBLE projects. In order to complete this Phase, you will need to identify and critically review a CREDIBLE project. We will share examples of reviews etc. to help you with your work. The purpose of this Phase is for us to understand how CREDIBLE projects work: what it needs to get them going. This understanding will come in handy when we are developing our own projects. To complete Phase 2 of the course, we will work to develop some resources to help people identify fake news.

Phase 3 (Joint Construction): May 27 – June 16 
In Phase 3, we will work together to create material for a shared project. The course instructors will lead you into a series of activities that will culminate in developing sample material for a potential project. By engaging in this joint activity, we will be able to work together and ensure that you have the skills and knowledge to be able to carry out your own projects. During Phase 3, we will start planning work on your projects (Phase 4).

Phase 4 (Independent Construction): June 17 – variable end dates 
In Phase 4, you will design material for and implement your project (with appropriate support from community members, us, and others). In order to develop your project, you will carry out a literature review for project development and collaborate with appropriate groups of people. You will be asked to document your project and submit a short report at the end of the course.

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