Education in the time of COVID19 – Phase 1

Phase 1 (Introduction): April 15 – May 5, 2020


First session: Wednesday, April 15, 4:00 pm Sydney time

A recording of the first session is available here.


Additional video lectures:

We have posted three (3) additional lectures by Ahmar Mahboob and two (2) additional lectures by Aurelie Mallet on our YouTube playlist. These videos will become available at 4 pm  on April 15 (Sydney time). More video resources will be added to the playlist over time.



We have posted two draft chapters from a book that Ahmar and Lee Cheng are currently working on. Please do have a look through these chapters (and add your comments/feedback). We will will be discussing the contents of these chapters over the next few sessions (both live and pre-recorded ones). We will share additional chapters, which include examples of previous projects, with you in Phase 2 of the course.

Chapter 2: What is Subaltern Linguistics?

Chapter 3: CREDIBLE research and Positive Discourse Analysis



We will discuss the following six questions via Facebook during Phase 1 of the course. For those of you who don’t use Facebook, we will also work via e-mail and chat.

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