2018 Workshops

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Morning workshops (workshops 1 – 4):

Workshop 1: A practical introduction to sociophonetic research

Professor Dr Gerry Docherty (Griffith University, Australia)


Workshop 2: Introduction to the SFL potential

Dr Elaine Espindola (Federal University of Paraíba, Brazil;


Workshop 3: Interpreting Workshop: Words and Music

Mr Emmanuel Cochard (Conference Interpreter)

Mr Jean Sévery (University of Malaya, Malaysia) &

Associate Professor Dr Toshiko Yamaguchi (University of Malaya, Malaysia)


Workshop 4: Are we teaching reading the right way?

Dr Willy Renandya (National Institute of Education,Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)


Afternoon workshops (workshops 5 – 8):

Workshop 5: Language Revitalization

Professor Jackie Troy (University of Sydney, Australia)


Workshop 6: Towards a pedagogy of ‘Global Citizenship’: Practices and principles

Associate Professor Dr Ahmar Mahboob (University of Sydney, Australia)


Workshop 7: Let’s Face Time it: Creating much needed digital literacy awareness

Professor Stephen J Hall (Sunway University, Malaysia)


Workshop 8: Trends in corpus-based descriptive linguistics

Associate Professor Dr. Shirley N. Dita (De La Salle University) &

Dr Ariane Macalinga Borlongan (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)



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