Language Travels 2024

Let the Sasak Song Guide You: Language Travels in North Lombok

Welcome to North Lombok, a region boasting its unique charm. For generations, the Sasak, Mbojo, and Samawa people have inhabited this island, cultivating their diverse and distinctive languages along the shores of crystal-clear waters. We invite you to join us on an extraordinary linguistic and cultural journey.

During FLC Language Travels, you will immerse yourself in vibrant communities and savor authentic flavors while mastering the essence of the Sasak language. Learning a captivating Sasak song in a traditional village will bring you into close contact with local residents, allowing you to experience their warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage firsthand.

Background of Language Travel

Language Travels is an initiative by the Free Linguistic Conference (FLC) group designed to immerse participants, who are committed to learning about and from individuals and communities that speak minority or Indigenous languages, in the target community setting. Conducted as a pre-conference program leading up to the 15th International Free Linguistics Conference, Language Travels 2024 takes participants around North Lombok for sightseeing and culinary experiences, all while connecting with the community to learn the Sasak language.

At its core, FLC Language Travels aims to elevate the status of Indigenous languages among younger generations and foster greater community engagement in language preservation efforts. Unlike traditional tourism, Language Travels emphasises treating community members as educators and partners rather than service providers.

In this program, Sasak will be learned through activities such as learning songs, with children taking on the role of teachers in language workshops alongside participants. Additionally, organisers will collaborate with Indigenous businesses and enterprises to ensure that economic benefits from this travel are reinvested into local communities.

By bringing participants into direct contact with the community and facilitating language learning, FLC Language Travels strives to instil a deep appreciation for understanding the challenges faced by the community, as well as their desires, knowledge, and ways of life.

Previous Language Travels

FLC organized the first Language Travels event in Melaka in 2018. Over the travel of three days, participants delved deep into the unique culture of the Melakan Portuguese community. They enthusiastically learned the Kristang language while enjoying the lively song “Nina Boboi” (watch a recording of the launch of Nina Boboi here). Travelers also toured Melaka and explored its historic sites. The engaging language workshops, exciting sightseeing activities, and delicious local cuisine left participants yearning for more.

The 2018 Language Travels was also documented  by Lee Cheng Koay in her MAK Halliday Gold Medal receiving Masters dissertation and can be found here: Creating a language-based micro-economy through tourism and prestige planning: The case of Language Travels in Malacca.

Building on the success of the first Language Travels, this year’s event will take place in North Lombok. Participants will immerse themselves in the Sasak language through interactive workshops and traditional performances. We will also arrange captivating cultural village activities, providing insights into traditional crafts and Sasak lifestyles. Participants will have the opportunity to savor authentic Sasak cuisine, each dish rich in unique flavors and cultural significance.

Furthermore, we have planned a special bonfire night! Under the starlit sky and the gentle night breeze, participants will embark on a mystical journey, listening to Sasak elders recite ancient Sasak scripts. These characters, reminiscent of whispers from history, will offer a cultural experience transcending time, resonating with centuries of heritage and wisdom.

Do not miss this rare opportunity. Join our Language Travels for a magical journey filled with knowledge, culture, food, and joy. Sign up now and explore the unique charm of North Lombok and the Sasak language with us!


The registration fee for the Language Travels in Lombok is $350 USD, which includes the Sasak Language Workshop, learning materials, community visits, meals, hotel accommodation (*shared room), and local transportation. Participants will enjoy an immersive experience with village hosts in Prawira, North Lombok.

Note: given the logistics of Language Travels this year, we will only be able to accommodate around 20 Travellers. Spaces will be allocated based on first-come-first serve basis.

*For people needing a private room, there will be an additional charge of USD$ 100.


Language Travels in North Lombok will be a 3-day program. We invite Travelers to arrive in North Lombok on the 29thof September. The formal program will start on the 30th and end on the 2nd. A more detailed itinerary will be shared with participants closer to the date.

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