Focus Lecture FLC2018: Ahmar Mahboob

Space-time, Language, Society and Pedagogy (third edition)

Ahmar Mahboob

University of Sydney

This is the third edition of a talk that I developed for and first presented at the BC-TEAL Conference in May, 2018. The second edition of the talk was tailored for the Sydney SFL Forum and also presented in May, 2018. I have been continuing my work on this project and will give a third edition of the talk at FLC 2018.



Space-time is interpreted and studied differently across various disciplines and sub-fields. In linguistics, space-time can be studied in terms of its formal, structural or semiotic features. Each approach to space-time impacts the potential uses that we can make of it in pedagogy. In this presentation, we will look at some ways in which a linguistic study of space-time relates to social and pedagogical concerns. In specific, we will examine how space-time relates to my 3-dimensional framework of language variation and what it tells us about language and language development/teaching. In addition, we will consider how space, as used in everyday terms, also impacts language teaching/development in multiple ways. The presentation will introduce multiple perspectives on space-time in language and discuss how they relate to language, society and pedagogy in a range of different ways.


Audience members may find it useful to have a look at the following to prepare for the talk:

Mahboob, A. (in press for 2018). Beyond Global Englishes: Teaching English as a Dynamic Language. RELC Journal. (Can be accessed via:

Applied Linguistics, Vol 39.1. Special Issue: Considering ‘Trans-’ Perspectives in Language Theories and Practices.



Ahmar Mahboob is Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Sydney. Ahmar is keenly interested in the application of language sciences to developmental issues, with a particular focus on education. In pursuing this goal, Ahmar draws from and contributes to a range of linguistics and applied linguistics traditions, theories, and methodologies.

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