FLC is cancelling it’s 2019 in respect of all the victims of COVID 19, including those whose lives have indirectly, yet substantially, altered.
FLC is in the process of redesigning its conference and will share details soon.

The 14th International Free Linguistics Conference will be held on November 23-29, 2020 at Valley View University, Ghana.

Important dates:

Abstract submission deadline: August 1, 2020

Free workshop on ‘Decolonising Pedagogy: A Practical Course‘: November 23, 2020

Pre-conference workshops: November 24, 2020

Free Linguistics Conference: November 25-26

Language Travels: November 27-29

As always, FLC2020 will be free to attend and participate in. There will be nominal charges for the pre-conference workshops and Language Travels.

Please do note that since we don’t charge for the conference, we are unable to provide funding for the event.

Updates about the conference will be shared on this website and will also be posted on the FLC Facebook page.

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