As the teaching of English expands globally, it is essential that teachers, students and parents can be assured about the quality of the English language teaching centres with which they are associated. FLC accreditation is based on the highest level of quality principles, drawn from up-to-date research about what is known to best support effective English teaching. As an English language professional with many years’ experience in this field, I wholeheartedly endorse the work of FLC in promoting high standards of teaching and learning in English language teaching centres around the world.

Anne Burns, UNSW, Australia & Aston University, UK


The ever growing number of English language centres worldwide has generated the need for an accreditation system that provides students, teachers and other stakeholders with information about the quality of a centre and its courses. I support the efforts of FLC Accreditation to address this need.

Phil Chappell, Macquarie University, Australia


Accreditation of language teaching/learning programs has long been needed. This program meets that need. It will help protect students by assuring that they are attending quality program that can accomplish what they offer. It will also help new teachers know that they are joining professional institutions. And it will help those quality institutions distinguish themselves from less professional services.

Marc Helgesen, Miyagi Gajuin Women’s University, Japan


This is an important and long overdue initiative. Professional institutions need reliable measures to distinguish themselves from fly-by-night schools and to give students the confidence they are making the right decisions about where to study. This information concerning the quality of provision is an invaluable service to the ELT profession.

Ken Hyland, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


This is a much needed initiative. At a time when language schools and centres are mushrooming, prospective staff and students need reassurances that the centres they are looking to work or study in are ethically and professionally managed according to transparent principles. FLC accreditation meets this need and I fully support it.

Andy Kirkpatrick, Griffith University, Australia


Accreditation matters to teachers, students and administrators of ELT programs. I support the setting up of FLC Accreditation and applaud its principle-based approach to ensure that top quality ELT programs are provided

Icy Lee, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


I congratulate FLC on this important initiative and very much look forward to seeing its development.

Brian Paltridge, University of Sydney, Australia


A thoroughly documented and well reflected process, to the benefit of language centers and their students!

Edgar Schneider, University of Regensburg, Germany

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