For students and parents

You have the security of knowing that the language center you have enrolled in meets the high quality standards recognized by experts in the profession and that the center is subject to ongoing monitoring by FLC.

For language centers

  • –  Boosting current and prospective students’ confidence in your school
  • –  Enhancing employer branding to attract the best teachers to join your team
  • –  Receiving expert advice on program development and delivery
  • –  Networking opportunities with other accredited schools worldwide
  • –  Using the FLC Accreditation logo in your school’s promotional materials
  • –  Advertising your school through FLC website, events and publications

A further aim of accreditation is to enable your language centers to benefit from an inspection in such a way that it becomes more than a snapshot of the center in action on a particular day but forms part of an ongoing process of improvement and development. We therefore hope that your language centers will be encouraged, through this process of quality assurance, to implement and sustain the systems and procedures that fit your contexts, and to aspire to even greater levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

For the profession

Accreditation is also good for the industry: it creates a global benchmark for language centers; it professionalises the field; and it ensures better service to the community.


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